Pavan Moscato N/V – White Collection 

 September 1, 2021

By  rackhouse

Next up is a 100% White Moscato from the Veneto region of the Colli Euganei hills of Italy.  The grapes were part of an early harvest in mid-September. The special characteristic of this wine is that it starts out from the unfermented must instead of from the wine as occurs with the other kinds of sparkling wines. This allows the perfect preservation of the typical aroma and freshness. After the soft crushing, the must is chilled and stored just below freezing and then moved when needed to pressurized vats to begin the fermentation which stops when an alcohol content of 7 % by volume is reached.

The wine shows straw yellow with greenish hints in the glass. The nose is typical and intense with aromatics of white flowers, mint, sage, and apricot. The aromatics continue on the first sip along with the expected sweetness. The is some accompanying acidity with an overall pleasant, clean finish. This is a great wine on its own but try it with ham and melon on a hot summer day to be delightfully surprised.

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