Outer Sounds – Sauvignon Blanc – White Selection 

 June 1, 2021

By  rackhouse

An icon and leading region of New Zealand’s distinctive style of Sauvignon blanc, Marlborough has a unique terroir, making it ideal for high quality grape production (of many varieties). Despite some common generalizations, which could be fairly justified given that Marlborough is responsible for 90% of New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc production, the wines from this region are actually anything but similar. At the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island, the vineyards of Marlborough benefit from well-draining, stony soils, a dry, sunny climate and wide temperature fluctuations between day and night, a phenomenon that supports a perfect balance between berry ripeness and acidity.

The region’s king variety, Sauvignon Blanc, is beloved for its pungent, aromatic character with notes of exotic tropical fruit, freshly cut grass and green bell pepper along with a refreshing streak of stony minerality. These wines are made in a wide range of styles, and winemakers take advantage of various clones, vineyard sites, fermentation styles, lees-stirring, and aging regimens to differentiate their bottlings, one from one another.

The sparkling waters of the Outer Sounds lead from the Pacific Ocean to the wine country of Marlborough, New Zealand. Known primarily for its distinctive Sauvignon Blanc, this region benefits from warm days and cool nights that allow grapes to ripen evenly, offering bright natural acidity along with ripe fruit flavors. This zesty Sauvignon Blanc has juicy tropical and citrus flavors along with the classic green, grassy highlights that are so characteristic of wines made in Marlborough. Sourced from multiple vineyard parcels in the Wairau and Awatere Valleys, fermented in stainless steel for freshness, and aged on light lees for texture, this white is versatile and a great fit for any occasion. Pair this wine with a range of food from Thai and Indian, with your vegetables, and even cheeses such as the traditional goat cheese to something creamy like Muenster.

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