Odd Lot Red Blend – Red Selection 

 March 1, 2021

By  rackhouse

First up in our Red Selection is a fan favorite, the 2018 Odd Lot.  In winery parlance, “odd lots” are the wines that haven’t yet found a home. Odd Lot Petite-Petit is playful, fun and approachable.  Odd Lot is an unorthodox blend of Petite Sirah and Petit Verdot. “Our winemaking approach is unconventional and our team has the latitude to explore, in service of making something delicious. Whimsical and even irreverent parameters guide our blending process: rules are meant to be broken and everything is up for consideration. The final result is an audacious and o­ffbeat partnership of Petite-Petit that also happens to make an enticing, big red blend.”

The Monterey region is defined by morning fog, strong winds, broad temperature swings and intense sunshine. The warmer inland temperatures are moderated by the powerful influence of the nearby Pacific Ocean, which averages 50°F throughout the year. In Hames Valley, the triad of fog, strong winds and bright sunlight promote the cultivation of Petite Sirah to delicious result. The long, warm days allow full-bodied, dark fruit favors to develop while the dramatic nighttime cooling preserves the balance and structure of this big, bold wine.

The palate is full bodied for this wine but has soft tannins and a black fruit that lingers pleasantly.  Peppercorn crusted beef, rosemary lamb chops, spiced grilled eggplant, and even Manchego cheese would benefit from being paired with this wine.

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