Wine Club Quarterly Release: June 2017 

 May 31, 2017

By  rackhouse

It’s that time again.

Summer is here and the temperature is rising and this quarter’s selections keep that in mind.

The All White selection puts forward two wines for two occasions.  The first is the 2015 Kung Fu Girl Riesling out of the Ancient Lakes appellation of Washington State.  This wine is 100% Riesling grape that carries a 90 point rating from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, which described it as, “Juicy and lively, with lots citrus blossom, lychee and a touch of lime… [this Riesling] is medium-bodied, vibrant and crisp on the palate, with terrific purity, integrated acidity and a great finish.”  This Charles Smith wine see 2 months in the barrel on lees to round out this great summer sipper.

The second wine in this offering comes to us from a region in France, in the southern portion of Burgundy.  More specifically, the appellation of Macon-Villages.  As with the first wine from the offering, this grape varietal is also a 100% blend, except this is all Chardonnay.  With weather and soil being big flavor influences on wine, Burgundy’s 2015 year began with a mild, wet winter and spring, for what turned out to be a hot, dry summer. The rain that did fall in summer was uneven and the dry temperatures temporarily stopped grapes from ripening. This made the yields low, while still letting excellent white wines to be produced.


Josh’s inaugural selection starts with a slightly effervescent pink Moscato coming to us from Australia.  We started offering this in single serve, split bottles, but are offering this in a full 750 ml bottle.  This lower alcohol offering is comprised of 2 grape varietals.  The first, Black Muscat, is harvested at night and given around six hours skin contact to develop hints of pink.  The Black Muscat blended with the Muscat Gordo juice is then fermented slowly (cold) and under pressure until full natural carbonation is achieved.

The second bottle in Josh’s selection is out of Germany, Peter Brum.  This 100% Dornfelder grape drinks wonderfully on a hot day.  He enjoys this chilled Vino Noir for its easy drinking, velvety texture.  This is a fruit forward wine with notes of cherry and wild berries.  Another reason this unique red makes the cut is that it can pair well with a variety of meats from the grill. The Dorenfelder grape is Germany’s second most planted grape since its creation in 1956.  This was achieved by crossing two other well-known grapes, Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe, which themselves find ancestry from a slew of other German grapes.


In the final group, you will find two lighter bodied reds.  Love Noir, Pinot Noir, highlights what a quality Pinot Noir is capable of from California, in a deep fruit forward flavor.  This fruit forward flavor does not present itself as sweet however.  This is due to a complex mix of climate, changes in altitude, and subsequently climate.  The grapes used are sourced from a wide stretch along the coast line where the climate tends to be a little cooler, to create the taste of dark fruit like cherry.  This can be enjoyed with a wide range of dishes, but seem to pair well with creamy cheese or salmon.

The other bottle in the Red’s category stays in the California Appellation, but gets 69% of its grapes from the North Coast region specifically.  The Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon juice sees 16 months in oak.  The oak along with a terrific addition on Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc create a classic nose of blackberry, cherry, and a touch of cassis bound together by a light toasted caramel aroma.  This is followed by mouth filling tannins that remember to stay in check to keep this in the light- to mid-range in terms of body for this 2014 Cabernet.  This collaboration between seasoned winemaker Sean McKenzie and musician, Dave Matthews, create a harmonized wine able to please a range of red wine drinkers.  Enjoy this wine especially when the grill is fired up or even with roasted portabella mushrooms.

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