Fleurs de Prairie – Rosé 

 June 2, 2023

By  rackhouse

The Languedoc region, where the vine’s culture goes back to Roman times, is surrounded by mountains and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. As a result, the terroir is varied, with limestone hills, herb-filled shrubland, and sediment near the river. The Mediterranean climate of long sunny days and soft winds allows for Fleurs de Prairie’s grapes to ripen to perfection.

The climate for the eastern part of Languedoc sees a Mediterranean climate; sunny, warm, and dry, with mild winters. The western side sees an oceanic spread with cool days and harsh winds from the Mediterranean.

The wine pours pale salmon color, with delicate flavors of red fruit and lemon, and a subtle note of tropical fruits on the finish. Its bright, refreshing acidity makes it a perfect companion with a meal or as an aperitif. Pair this light-bodied wine with lighter dishes, use the fruit flavors to pair with summer fruits and vegetables, or enjoy with fresh fish or lighter proteins roasted with fresh herbs.

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