At the edge of the Mediterranean sea, the Oppidum Romain d’Ensérune dominates the terroir of the Ensédune wines. It is characterized by one of the warmest and dryest climates of France located at the west of Béziers. Proud of a thousand-year-old tradition, the Ensérune winegrowers were keen to develop their vineyards by acclimatizing grape varieties from various horizons. Created by teamwork, the Ensédune range is the product of generations of collaboration by winegrowers and presents unusual grape varieties for single-varietal wines. This Malbec is bright red ruby in color. The nose is fruity with hints of cherry and raspberry along with a touch of licorice.

This is a 100% Malbec, a variety originating from South-Western France (Cahors). The crop loads need to be trimmed as it tends to produce large amounts of fruit. It is harvested late and loves red, acidic soils with iron concretions, as found on the Montady plateau and at Capestang.

The grapes are vatted at the coolest time of the day and then cooled to 40°F for cold maceration. The body and aromas are extracted in the aqueous phase, without crushing the grapes. Seeded with selected yeast and fermented at 75°F with pneumatic, Burgundy-style crushing to finalize the extraction of tannins. The juice is finally matured on fine lees for 3 months to create a well-balanced finished wine. To be tasted with grilled red meat or a cheeseboard