Bonotto delle Tezze – Prosecco Frizzante – White Selection 

 December 1, 2020

By  rackhouse

This wine takes its name from a small town in the north-eastern part of Italy which is one of the most appreciated and well-known of Italian made wine in the world. Cultivations of the Glera grape extend from the hills to the plains of Veneto and Friuli.

In the hills of Collalbrigo, in the Province of Treviso, ancient, deep and warm clays prevail while in the area that runs along the Piave river the terrain widens for the outcropping of stones. The nuanced mix helps to create optimal temperature that characterize the final stages of ripening to give the wine that unmistakable freshness of aromas.

After manual selection, the grapes are harvested in mid-September. The must is fermented in special tanks at controlled temperature and pressure until the so-called “base” is obtained to begin creating sparkling wine. Therefore, during the year each individual cuvée is placed in an autoclave for refermentation and obtaining the tiny bubbles to help give this wine it’s Frizzante designation.

It is a fresh, fruity wine with aromas of sour apple, floral thanks to the hints of wisteria and acacia. It has a pale straw yellow color; it shows a subtle perlage of right persistence. Borrowing from the French, the Italians like to use the word perlage from perle or pearl in French. In French, the mousse, in other words, fizziness or effervescence can be referred to as perles or pearls. This is a great option for those that like something with a little sparkle for celebrations, friendly gatherings, and relaxed nights all the same.

This Prosecco works well with arugula salad, a variety of Italian cured meat, and aged cheeses like gouda, manchego, sharp cheddar, and even light, creamy Havarti.

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