Raffle Benefiting Rack House Staff

During this pandemic, we are finding new and unique ways to bring The Rack House Kitchen Wine Whiskey to you!

As you may know, Chef Phillip Day has already created a limited curbside menu that includes items cooked and ready to eat along with options for you to cook at home. We are now able to bring you some of your favorite cocktails that you have come to enjoy, including our barrel-aged Manhattans.

Over the years we have increased our whiskey selection to include some unique and rare offerings.

Now is your opportunity to go into our cellar and have the chance to win some​​​​​ highly sought-after bottles.

This is a chance to win a bottle or bottle package. No further purchase is necessary!

With each $5 or $10 raffle ticket that you purchase, you will receive a chance to win that bottle or bottle package.

100% of the proceeds from the raffle will benefit RHKWW staff.

100% of the proceeds from the raffle will benefit RHKWW staff.

Ho​w It Works:

  • Must be 21+ to purchase.
  • Each bottle or package has a limited number of tickets available.
  • There is no limit to how many tickets you can purchase per person.
  • Please do not add menu items to your raffle ticket order.
  • Once all the tickets have been sold for each bottle or package, the tickets will be unavailable.
  • We will draw the winner of each bottle or package once all tickets are sold for that specific bottle or package.
  • Your unique order number will serve as your raffle ticket. When multiple tickets are purchased on one order, we will create individual tickets for the total order.
  • Winners will be drawn via Facebook live.