Pattes Loup ‘Vent d’Ange mise tardive’ – Chablis; Burgundy, France; 2021 

 July 5, 2024

By  rackhouse

Chablis, in northern Burgundy, France, is renowned for its Chardonnay wines, which are typically unoaked, showcasing crisp acidity and minerality. The region’s unique Kimmeridgian limestone soil, rich in marine fossils, imparts distinctive flinty notes. From the esteemed Grand Cru vineyards to the accessible Petit Chablis, the wines of Chablis are a testament to the harmony between terroir and tradition, offering purity and elegance in every glass.

Thomas Pico is an up-and-coming winemaker in the region and is taking great risks to farm organically in a rough growing climate. Pico has a strict yield control that outlines his vision to organic Viticulture. He harvests everything by hand, including hand sorting of any imperfect berries at the winery on a vibrating table. The wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts, and he is now doing a minimum of a 36-month élévage, and is experimenting with 48 months depending on the cuvées and vintages.  The wines are concentrated and opulent, yet racy and intensely saline. Vent d”Ange means wind of the angel. Mise Tardive refers to the wine undergoing a longer elevage with extended lees aging. The resulting wine is still distinctly Chablis with its racy minerals and linear nature but has a broader, creamy foundation suggesting lemon custard with a touch of almond.

When looking towards food, East coast oysters would be a great pairing for the brininess and minerality of the wine, while rich seafood like baked or steamed crab and lobster would hold up well the body of the wine.

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