Local Charities The Rack House Supports

Help Make Our Communities Better & Stronger

As your friendly neighborhood restaurant, we like to give back to our neighbors in need.  That’s why we support local charities that make our community better and stronger. The list of charities is important and personal to us, take some time to learn about who they are, and we appreciate your continued support.

Curious about how you can help? Ask us how you can get involved or donate time and resources to some of our favorite.

The Backstoppers provide needed financial assistance and support to the spouses and dependent children of all police officers, firefighters and volunteer firefighters, and publicly-funded paramedics and EMTs in our coverage area who have lost their lives or suffered a catastrophic injury performing their duty.

BrrrBASH was founded by Little Black Book: Women in Business in 2013, BrrrBASH has grown into a large scale collaborative toy and money collection to benefit Toys for Tots.

Cottleville Firefighter Outreach raises money to make our community a safer, healthier and happier place to live and work. They’ve provided home improvement assistance & smoke detectors to those who need it, fire crisis assistance, scholarships, and support other charities such as the MDA.

Dogs on Duty’s mission is to provide support for working and service dogs. They provide training, equipment, and funds for these teams.

Responder Rescue provides assistance; emotional, tangible or monetary, to any area first responders, who have been injured, become ill or suffered a traumatic situation after all other resources have been exhausted. They were established in 2009 after a local fire Captain saw the need.

Shoes and Hope work with communities in the developing world to address challenges including clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. They use shoes as a conversation starter to get people interested in their mission. By selling the gently used shoes they can build resources for their projects.